Three Minute Thesis, “Reading Books by the Hundreds”

I didn’t end up winning UVic’s Three Minute Thesis competition, but I’m so glad I seizedĀ the opportunity to be part of such a fun and fascinating event. Sharing my research with a broader audience was exhilarating, because I knew I had to make the case for English research as a whole and for distant reading. I was so pleased to have several students want to talk to me afterward about studying English! And of course, spending a solid week pacing my apartment muttering about my research all hours of the day was great preparation for my oral defence.

UVic has posted videos of all the finalists’ talks online, so you can scroll all the way to the bottom to watch me eagerly wave my hands around (andĀ forget my lines right near the end) if you want!

This is the slide I had up in the background:


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